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In compliance with art. 13 of the Legislative Decree of the 30th June 2003 nr. 196
“Rules concerning the protection of personal data”
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THE INTERNATIONAL TELEMATIC UNIVERSITY UNINETTUNO (hereafter referred to a UTIU), based in Rome (Italy), Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 39 (Tax Code Nr. 97394340588), in its capacity of “Holder of the Treatment” communicates you, in compliance with art. 13 of the Legislative Decree nr. 196/2003, the following information concerning the treatment of the personal data of the users of portal and of the services that are available on:,, and

  1. Nature of the treated data and aims of the treatment.
    Due to technical reasons, the consultation of the portal can imply the treatment of the following data that can be directly or indirectly referred to the user.
    1.1) Navigation data: they are technical information that are automatically acquired by the information system during consultation, through communication protocols; these data are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the portal and to check its functioning and are not associated to identifiable users, even if they may allow to indirectly identify the user by association with data owned by third parties.
    1.2) Data for using online services: they are personal data of the user requested for online registration and acknowledgment to the restricted area of the portal and allow the use of the relative services.
  2. Treatment modes.
    Navigation data are automatically eliminated by the system after processing statistical data.
    All the users’ personal data are handled through the use of computer-based tools in a lawful and fair mode for the purpose of achieving the aims mentioned above and will be protected by adopting suitable security measures granting their confidentiality, integrity, exactness, availability and updating. They be kept for period of time no longer then that one that is required by the aims for which they were collected and further on handled.
  3. Use of technical and analytics cookies
    Cookies are small text strings that are sent to the processor (PC, notebook, smart phone, tablet etc.) by the user while consulting the portal and that are stored in the browser to be retrieved on the following occasion of consultation.
    This portal utilizes only “technical cookies” (that is to say those that are aimed at the online transmission of the information and services requested by the user) to assure the general navigation and use of the services also in function of selected criteria (for example, the selected language) and “analytics cookies” (that is to say those that are aimed at collecting information, even on aggregated formats, on the number of users who visited the portal and on their consultation modes). In this latter case the portal makes use of the monitoring cookies offered by the Google Analytics service of the Google Inc. company to generate statistical data on the portal use which do not store personal data. It is possible to consult information on Google Inc.’s privacy policy regarding this service on: .
    Cookies aimed at promotional or advertising purposes or belonging to third parties (the so-called “profiling cookies”) are not used.
    The user’s consent is not requested for setting up technical or analytics cookies, even though it is always possible to disable their use, selecting the proper settings through the keys of browser used by the user or only to disable “analytics cookies”, installing the opt-out additional component supplied by Google Inc. on: .
  4. Nature of the data transmission.
    The transmission of personal data by the user is voluntary and strictly linked to the use of the online services; in case of refusal the requested activity hall not be started or completed.
  5. Subjects dealing personal data.
    The treatment of the user’s personal data is carried on in the University’s premises by the personnel in charge of the use of the company’s equipments, prior to identification and authorization.
  6. Rights of the concerned person.
    The concerned person can claim the rights as per art. 7 of the Legislative Decree nr. 196\2003 and in particular request the Holder to confirm whether there are or there not any personal data of his own, their updating, amendment or, if interested, their integration, cancellation, modification into an anonymous format or blocking unlawfully treated data. The concerned person can make the above-mentioned requests at: tel. +39 06 692076.70 | +39 06 692076.71 or by e-mail to: .